Tauranga's only specialist Puppy Day School

K9 kindy is currently on hold

K9 Kindy is a 6 week, all-day exclusive program designed for puppies from 8 - 20 weeks old. Your pup will spend each day in a safe home environment learning manners from a qualified dog trainer, playing with age-appropriate friends, learning basic manners and gaining crucial socialisation skills.  Our program ensures your puppy will grow up to be the companion you've always wanted! 

You'll have peace of mind knowing an experienced and qualified trainer is spending the day working with your puppy so you can work or run errands worry-free. Instead of coming home to chewed furniture or soiled carpets, you could enjoy each evening with a happy, well-behaved puppy who has less energy to devote to nipping, chewing, and other undesirable behaviour. 

This is NOT a doggy daycare. It's a dedicated training program that ensures your puppy is set up for success with an in-home, learning environment that is designed for the young dog.  

What’s included?

  • K9 Kindy is run on a Wednesday

  • Home pick up and delivery (within our delivery zone)

  • Meeting points at Bayfair and Tauranga City. 

  • Your puppy will learn social abilities, basic obedience and life skills in our program

  • An exclusive Facebook group to keep in touch with other puppies, see what they get up to at Kindy, and lifelong support on your training adventure!


6 weeks (6 sessions) $360

Payment may be made weekly in advance

Casual rate (for puppies not enrolled) $70 per day

Due to extenuating circumstances, we have decided to put a hold on any further course offerings. We don’t know when these will resume. Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. 

FOundation Training

Including basic manners, potty & crate training


Puppies grow up quickly, so it's very important to socialise young dogs when they are most receptive to new experiences

Group Puppy Play 

Your puppy can make new friends in a safe environment, and learn how to appropriately interact with other dogs.

Progress Reports

Video, written repost or in-person feedback on how your puppy did and how to maintain training progress


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between K9 Kindy and Doggy Day Care?

Doggy Daycares can be a great option for your older dog, but very rarely suit younger puppies. They usually aren’t able to cater for puppies that haven’t finished their vaccination programs due to the nature of their business. Traditional daycare staff ratios can vary between 10-25 dogs per handler. Puppies require a massive amount of supervision- there is just too much that can go wrong with a moment's inattention. Months of training can inadvertently be undone by a bad experience during a puppies fear period.

Socialisation: Daycare can be overwhelming and intense for younger dogs- puppies have keen observational skills and if they are confronted with bullying or inappropriate social behaviour before 6months old, they can develop unhealthy habits.

Exercise: Puppies need around 12-14 hours of sleep per day. Daycare offers so much stimulation that puppies have a hard time self-regulating for naps. At K9 Kindy, we make sure that puppies receive appropriate downtime and aren’t allowed to overexert themselves. Puppies have lots of fragile growth plates and overdoing exercise can lead to lifelong physical issues.

Training: Most daycares are simply set up as supervised play for your dogs. K9 Kindy is a specialised training program for your puppy- they get the benefits of doggy daycare and a training program, all rolled into one!

Does my puppy have to be fully vaccinated?

No- they just need to have started their vaccination schedule. Because of the homebased nature of Kindy, I am able to offer a safe and sanitised environment for puppies.

Will my puppy get fed at K9 Kindy?

Yes, please pack lunch for your puppy!

How many puppies attend K9 Kindy?

We have a strict limit of 6 puppies per day

Will my puppy meet older dogs?

Yes- we have resident inhouse dogs to ensure that your puppies have only good, safe experiences meeting dogs of all sizes.

What material is covered in K9 Kindy?

We aim to provide all foundation social skills that your puppy will need growing up. Everything from basic obedience manners, toilet training, co-operative care and handling, introductions to bath/blow dryer, new surfaces and even field trips once they are old enough.


Is my puppy safe at K9 Kindy?

Yes! I know how much your new family member means to you, and I make it my top priority to keep your puppy physically and emotionally safe during my care. This includes using safe transport methods (crates), direct supervision and soft surfaces.

My puppy is nervous, will he be ok at K9 Kindy?

Absolutely- my top priority is your puppies safety and that includes his emotional wellbeing. Puppies are directly supervised to ensure that they have positive interactions with other puppies and their environment, and are not pushed beyond their comfort level.

Puppy Classes

Will I need to attend puppy classes if my puppy attends K9 Kindy?

We recommend still attending puppy classes so your family can learn how to train your puppy, and get practise in too.  

Pickup & Delivery

What is the pickup/delivery zone?

We offer home pickup and delivery in


-Otumoetai and surrounds (Matua, Bellevue, Brookfield)

- Judea

Pickup/drop off  points: 

Bayfair: 7.40AM

KFC (Newton Street): 4.15PM

McDonalds (Cameron Road & Eleventh Ave): 8.30AM & 4.30PM

What if I am outside the pickup/delivery zone?

No problem- please get in touch anyhow and we can usually sort something out 😊  We can arrange a meeting point, pick up from your work etc.


How does pickup/delivery work?

Puppies are picked up between 8-9AM and delivered home between 3.30-5PM. I use a pickup and delivery system as being transported in a vehicle is one of the foundation skills we cover in our K9 Kindy program. Puppies are transported individually in crates, and the fee is included in their tuition prices. It also limits foot traffic on my property, which is extremely important to keep things as sanitary as possible.


Do I need to be home for pickup/delivery?

I recommend being home for the first pickup, but otherwise, no. I understand people have busy lives with work and children, and that is exactly why I started this service! There just needs to be a secure spot on the property to collect/deliver the puppy to and from. Whether this is a yard, a kennel/run or providing a key.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

How can I pay? 

Payment can be made weekly in advance or as a lump sum.

Payment via cash or internet banking. 

What if we are away during the course? 

No problem! 48 hours of notice of non-attendance is required, and we will hold that day in credit. Unfortunately, if less than 48 hours of notice is provided, you will be charged for the day (unless extenuating circumstances).

I have a vet/groomers appointment on a school day? 

Because this is a limited, short course, I encourage clients to make their appointments around school days. However, if the appointment genuinely cannot be moved we can organise to take your puppy to and from their appointment.