Tauranga's only specialist Puppy Day School

K9 Kindy is an all-day, exclusive program designed for puppies from 8 - 20 weeks old. Your pup will spend each day in a safe home environment learning manners from a qualified dog trainer, playing with age-appropriate friends, learning basic manners and gaining crucial socialisation skills.  Our program ensures your puppy will grow up to be the companion you've always wanted! 

You'll have peace of mind knowing an experienced and qualified trainer is spending the day working with your puppy so you can work or run errands worry-free. Instead of coming home to chewed furniture or soiled carpets, you could enjoy each evening with a happy, well-behaved puppy who has less energy to devote to nipping, chewing, and other undesirable behaviour. 

This is NOT a doggy daycare. Doggy daycares can be fantastic for older puppies, but can be extremely overwhelming for younger pups. At K9 Kindy, we are setting your puppy up for success with an in-home, learning environment that is designed for the young dog.  

FOundation Training

Including basic manners, potty & crate training


Puppies grow up quickly, so it's very important to socialise young dogs when they are most receptive to new experiences

Group Puppy Play 

Your puppy can make new friends in a safe environment, and learn how to appropriately interact with other dogs.

Progress Reports

Video, written repost or in-person feedback on how your puppy did and how to maintain training progress

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