Adventure Walks

Evolving training into an adventure

Looking for something a little different for your dog than just a walk? Our 2-3 hour training adventures will leave your pooch socialised, tired and happy.

Our Training walks focus on polite leash manners, recall and general obedience skills or any specific skill you have requested.  We focus half of the session on training and the other half on dog to dog interactions and play within the group making sure they come home tired and happy!

What’s included?

  • Adventure walks are run on Monday through to Thursday between 8AM-2PM (ish).

  • Home pick up and delivery (within our delivery zone)

  • Your dog will learn social abilities and basic obedience skills

  • An exclusive Facebook group to keep in touch with other dogs, see what they get up to on their walks, and lifelong support on your training adventure!

Current Availability: 

All days are currently fully booked, but feel free to register for our waitlist below.


Part-time (1 walk per week) $50 per session

Full-time (2 walks per week) $45 per session

Due to the limited spacing, Adventure Walks are booked as an 'ongoing service'.

A minimum commitment of 2 months is required for new clients. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs will be on the adventure? 

Between 2-7 client dogs per handler on every group walk, sometimes with my personal dogs accompanying for social interactions.

My dog isn't desexed, can they attend? 

Absolutely. Please note bitches in season cannot attend due to council bylaws, but are otherwise welcome. 

Will my dog be on or off-leash? 

Once they have proved their ‘come when called’ command, they will be able to graduate to be fully off leash. The dogs we are still working on this command with go on a long line leash and will have the freedom to run but still remain fairly close to us to ensure safety. 

Where will my dog be walked? 

We try to switch around environments and keep it fun and exciting for our dogs!  So, we do a variety of beach, park and forest walks. Sometimes training needs take us into the city as well.

Will my dog meet other dogs?

Yes- other training dogs and we have resident inhouse dogs to ensure that your dogs have only good, safe experiences meeting dogs of all sizes.

My dog is reactive to other dogs, will they be able to attend? 

This entirely depends on each dog- minor reactivity can be worked through, but this is not the right environment for aggressive behaviour. Flick me an email if you have any queries. 

Will my dog be swimming/get dirty on their walk? 

We like to provide an exciting, stimulating and fun walk for your dog…So they may come home a little wet, sandy or muddy, but I will do my best to bush/towel the excess off! 

Will my dog be safe in your vehicle? 

Your dogs safety is my top priority, transport included. Client dogs are transported in individual crates.

What is the pickup/delivery zone?

We offer home pickup and delivery in Otumoetai/Bethlehem/Judea, Tauriko/Lakes/Pyes Pa, Welcome Bay (Tuesday only) and The Mount.

What if I am outside the pickup/delivery zone?

No problem- please get in touch anyhow and we can usually sort something out 😊  We can arrange a meeting point, pick up from your work etc.


How does pickup/delivery work?

Dogs are picked up and delivered usually between 8am - 1pm.

Do I need to be home for pickup/delivery?

I recommend being home for the first pickup, but otherwise, no. I understand people have busy lives with work and children, and that is exactly why I started this service! There just needs to be a secure spot on the property to collect/deliver the dog to and from. Whether this is a yard, a kennel/run or providing a key.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

How can I pay? 

Payment can be made weekly in advance for full-time pooches. Payment for part-time dogs can be made fortnightly in advance.

Payment via cash or internet banking. 

What if we are away? 

No problem! 48 hours of notice of non-attendance is required, and we will hold that day in credit. Unfortunately, if less than 48 hours of notice is provided, due to limited spaces you will be charged for the day (unless extenuating circumstances).