Living with your dog should be an adventure, not a hassle. Training your dog should be fun, not a chore! 

You can have a dog who is a joy to live with and who doesn’t create additional stress in your life. We offer several solutions to help you achieve your goals: group classes, private lesson and behaviour modification.

Coming up

Sunday 27th September Puppy Classes (CLASS FULL)

Wednesday 30th September Adolescent Adventures 

Sunday 4th October Beginner Obedience Class (CLASS FULL) 

In Progress

Sunday 2nd August Puppy Classes 

Sunday 23rd August Beginner Obedience Class

German Shepherd Obedience Display


Are you ready for a more manageable, polite dog? Does your dog completely ignore you when you need it most or listen well at home but not when guests visit or while outside? Our classes focus on giving you the skills and knowledge you need to have a dog that will respond to you in the real world.

German Shepherd, Bulldog and Burmilla (Cat)


Need more specialised attention? If you're looking for a more personal approach to teaching manners or modifying behaviours, check out our one on one private training options. 

Bulldog puppy and Staffy


The ultimate adventure! 

Puppies are my absolute speciality! I have a range of options to help you raise a healthy, happy and well-socialised dog that is a pleasure to be in the family. Puppy classes, in-home training and our specialised K9 Kindy!

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