Puppy Preparation Workshop

Are you adding a puppy to the family over the Xmas break? Thinking about getting a puppy next year? Then this workshop is for you! 

This session gives us a chance to discuss all of the important things that you need to know in order to set your puppy off on the right path. 

When: 10.30AM Saturday 19th December

Where: Matua Hall

Cost: $30 per family 

Do I bring my puppy? This workshop is for humans only :) 

What will be covered? 

   -  The importance of training and early socialisation
   -  Training you to train your puppy
   -  Building connection and the bond between you and your puppy
   -  Early days – puppy development phases – what to expect
   -  Bringing your puppy home – the first days and nights
   -  Toilet training
   -  Crate training – daytime & night-time
   -  Toys and interactive play
   -  The all-important mental stimulation
   -  Developing confidence in your puppy
   -  Preparing your puppy for walks
   -  Cleaning, grooming and diet
   -  Socialisation and habituation - do's and don'ts
   -  How to manage puppy mouthing/biting and jumping
   -  Integrating your new puppy into a home with young children
   -  Any specific breed traits to be aware of and how to manage them

After the training session, you will be provided with a set of training notes that detail the topics covered so that you can refer back to them as needed.

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