Tricks Class

Looking for something a bit different to do with your dog? 

Want to continue education with your dog, but not sure that obedience is for you? 

Give our tricks class a try! A fun way to build your relationship with you pooch.  

During class you will learn how to teach your dog specific tricks. But more importantly, you will learn the foundation of how to train your dog tricks, how to break down complicated tricks into specific parts, and how to put individual pieces together to complete a trick. Once you understand how to train tricks, the possibilities are endless as to what you can teach your dog.

You will learn how to use teaching tools that professional animal trainers use to train behaviors such as free-shaping, luring, capturing, and targeting.

This is a fun and empowering class for both you and your dog.

The best part? The more tricks you train your dog, the faster your dog will learn new tricks! You learn how to teach him better and your dog actually learns how to figure things out faster. Your ability to communicate with your dog will increase, you’ll see a boost in your dog’s confidence, and you will see it dramatically improve your relationship with him in every area of your life.

What Makes Our Class Stand Out

We provide individual attention and you move at your own pace. You and your dog will learn tricks that are a good match for what you want, and are appropriate for your dog’s abilities, age, temperament, and health.

We do not have a set curriculum forcing you to work on something you may not be interested in learning.
We find out from you what you think would be fun for you and your dog and offer you exactly what you want.
We set you up for success! 

Who Can Register For The Tricks Class?

Tricks class is open to anyone interested in training their dog and improving their communication skills.

Whether you have a new puppy or rescue dog and are looking to bond and have fun, or have an older family dog and are looking for a low-impact and unique form of exercise, this class for you! Training your dog tricks has significant value going far beyond simply showing off at a party.

When you interact with your dog at this level, you help to build his confidence and strengthen the bond you have with him, helping to create the relationship with your dog you’ve always dreamed of.

Tricks class is especially beneficial in the case of nervous or fearful dogs. While learning tricks and problem solving, your dog will gain trust in your ability to communicate more clearly with him. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress. 

When: 6.45 PM Wednesday 18th November

Where: Otumoetai Railway Reserve

Cost: $100 for 5 weeks

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