Living with your dog should be an adventure, not a hassle. Training your dog should be fun, not a chore! 

You can have a dog who is a joy to live with and who doesn’t create additional stress in your life.

We offer several solutions to help you achieve your goals: group classes, K9 Kindy, training walks, private lessons and behaviour modification.

Coming up

Puppy Classes (8-16 weeks) Jan 9th 

Adolescent Classes (16 weeks - 6 months) 20th Jan 



Adventure is an attitude

Training your dog should be fun, not a chore!  Check out our range of options from group classes, private training or in-home behaviour consults.

Malinois puppy on the beach


The ultimate adventure

Puppies are my absolute speciality. Options range from puppy classes, in-home training and our premiere K9 Kindy! 



Adventure is out there

Is your dog bored at home, and could use a little more adventure in their life? Could they benefit from more exercise and training?

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