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You love your dog, but you also want to live in peace and harmony with your dog.  You want a dog who is polite and manageable at home and in public, and who will not embarrass you in front of other people. You want a dog who reduces your stress and brings joy to your life, rather than adding to your stress!  And, of course, you also want your dog to be happy.  All of these things are possible!  There are effective, practical and humane solutions for these concerns – and I can help you achieve them!

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I really, really like dogs.

Ahh.. the dreaded introduction. Something I’ve no doubt written countless times in my professional life, but still stumps me every time.

Hey folks, I’m Lauren. And I really, really like dogs. Is that good enough? 😉 No? Ok, a little more perhaps.

My name is Lauren, and I currently share my life with my husband, a Miniature Pinscher, cute little black Mutt, and the newest addition, a Malinois. 

I have been working with dogs for the past 10 years, starting off at Animal Control and ended up in boarding kennels/doggy day care. I have been training professionally for the past 4 years.

I dabble in agility, obedience, and all things dogs really. I am passionate about people getting out and doing more with their dogs and helping make science accessible to the average dog owner. Owning a dog should be an adventure and training your dog should be FUN.

Many moons ago, I completed an Animal Care Certificate. As I became more and more interested in dog training, I was a little shocked and saddened by the lack of regulation in the dog industry. Anyone can start their own kennels, and anybody can call themself a trainer. So, around 3 and a half years ago, I decided that I was going to uproot my life and head to University to get a qualification. 2020 will be my final year of my Bachelor of Animal Behaviour (and Biodiversity & Ecology, just for fun).

Who is Arrow?

Arrow came to me during my time at Animal Control, he was dropped off as a scrawny (but still handsome) year old German Shepherd with a love for life and no basic training. It was love at first sight!

He has been by my side through almost my entire adult and taught me many lessons along the way. As my first dog, I was way in over my head with this great (BIG) fluffy barking pooch. So I had to learn. He helped shape me into the trainer I am today, and as I keep learning, I hope to pass on my knowledge to other owners, so they can build a lasting relationship with their dog, and have a happy, balanced household.    

Miniature Pinscher, Malinois and Collie X
Beach sunset silhouette of 5 dogs
German Shpeherd
Miniature Pinscher, Collie X and a Malinois Puppy
Chocolate Labrador
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"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."

William Feather



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